Does The Truth Matter In America Today?

As I go to the library every day, I pass a brick building on Market Street with the word “TRUTH” painted on it in letters that must be six foot high or more.

Truth on many important topics seems to not be present any more.

Health and healthcare is one of these topics.

The Truth about health and healthcare is systematically suppressed in America by Big Pharma, the Federal Government and the American Mafia. (I am personally a victim of this.)

The Truth about nutritional supplements and their ability to heal is suppressed.

The Truth about free form amino acids is suppressed.

The Truth about GMO foods is suppressed.

The Truth about fluoride in the water supply and the damage it causes is suppressed.

The Truth about chlorinated drinking water and it’s effect on gut flora is suppressed.

The Truth about vaccines is suppressed.

The Truth about antibiotics and their negative affect on gut flora is suppressed.

The Truth about a lack of adequate minerals in American soil and in processed food is suppressed.

The Truth about the profound decline in the health of American children in the past 50 to 60 years is suppressed.

The Truth about numerous high mileage carburetors that worked is also systematically suppressed.

The Truth about the water powered car is also suppressed.

The Truth about cold fusion is suppressed.

The Truth about Free Electricity Generation is suppressed.

The Truth about 9/11 is suppressed.

The Truth about lobbyists and “what they really do” in Washington, D.C. is suppressed.

The Truth about anything that threatens America’s Corporate Powers is suppressed.

The Truth about the Federal Reserve, who will not be audited, is suppressed.

The Truth about what is coming in America from building hundreds of FEMA camps and buying 2 billion bullets for domestic use is suppressed.

The Truth about China buying up American real estate is suppressed. (On my last train ride, a miner in Nevada told me the Chinese are buying up a number of mines in Nevada, and there is a hiring freeze until these purchases are finalized. I sure never heard this on the news. The mines in Nevada that the Chinese are buying is only a very small part of the big picture.)

The Truth about Fukushima is suppressed.

The Truth about NSA surveillance of “all of us” is suppressed.

The Truth about chemtrails full of aluminum and barium being sprayed all over is suppressed.

The Truth about the Federal Government employing hackers to even mess with lowly bloggers like me is suppressed.

The Truth about UFO’s and aliens probably having been here for quite some time is suppressed.

The Truth about the Ability of the Internet to Efficiently and Honestly Run this Country far better than the archaic system of government we have now is being suppressed.

What Important Truth is Not Suppressed?

Does the Truth Matter Any More?

Or has it become an anachronism?

I don’t have the answers.

However, I do know that there is only one power that can make a difference in regard to the above.

That Power is a Collaborative One between the companies and people in Silicon Valley before the Internet is Federally Controlled.

If Silicon Valley will not aggressively fight back against widespread suppression of Truth, the Time will come when it’s ability to fight back will be fully compromised by the U.S. Federal Government.

The U.S. Government cannot allow the Truth in America to continue to flourish, via the Power of a Free and Open Internet.

It cannot allow the Truth to flourish for the Truth means the end of the line for the Truth’s Biggest Suppressor in America–> which is the U.S. Government itself (and those parties that really control it), of course.

What the heck is going on in America?

Are we doomed to fall like the Roman Empire did?

Or will enough of us courageously rise to the occasion, and fight to see that Truth does matter.

Should the Truth on the above topics reach the light of day?

If so, how is this going to happen?

The best idea that I could come up with was a multi-location Internet Woodstock that went on for days, and Awoke America and the World in regard to Multiple Suppressed Truths.

I came out here this time thinking that this idea was one that was supported.

Now I realize that “some people have backed off” – or it sure seems this way.

I hope I am wrong in the above assumption.

If Silicon Valley will not bravely stand up for its fellow Americans and Humanity as a whole, those Suppressing Truth are working diligently on the implementation of a plan to Suppress the Truth in the Above List Of Issues forever.



The lack of support of “the one rare individual” that survived multiple Mafia hit attempts concerns me, not so much for my sake, but for yours.

I am only one man.

I cannot effect change living out of a homeless shelter, and working only a few hours a day.

If I continue to be abandoned, I gracefully and courageously accept the death the Mafia or the Federal Government has in store for me. I will be killed when they can get away with it. There is a new fellow or two of probable Italian descent at the homeless shelter that really stick out, and this concerns me. I do not feel I am under immediate threat, because it takes a little time for the Mafia to lean on key people and set things up. I am going to take things day by day. I may try to make a run back east by bus and train at some point, I just do not know yet. As much as I appealed to the Mafia to Switch Sides, I do not think that they bought my argument. The Mafia thinks they are Invincible. They do not realize it is a different world today, as the result of the capabilities of surveillance. Due to technological advance, the Mafia is far more vulnerable that it ever has been. I continue to believe in a win-win negotiation as the best solution to America’s problems, but if I die in the next few years, or even the next decade, the Mafia, due to “our past history”, is my most likely killer, and not the Feds. However, our Federal Government is just as guilty, for they watched this and did nothing, and for a myriad of other reasons our government needs to go down as well. If I am silenced, please remember that any Patriot Revolution needs to target both the Feds and the Mafia, or it will not, and cannot, succeed in reversing America’s course for the better.)

The health of American children, the future of America, and the future of seven billion people is at stake.

Don’t blame me if things do not work out and my voice is successfully silenced.

This old man (me) will continue to do his best to survive and say what needs to be said, until either I get some help, or someone silences me. I will never give up, for I put humanity’s best interests ahead of those of myself.

Allen D with help from an American hero named Mark J and some heroic WordPress People in the San Francisco Bay Area

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