All WordPress Blogs On July4thRevolution Are Redistributable By The Patriot Movement Or Any Other Person Or Party Without Any Permission Needed Or Necessary

This Patriot Movement Revolution WordPress Website first became Active in April 2012.  July 4th Revolution dot WordPress dot com currently has over 350 WordPress Blogs on it.

Many of the blogs on are both Insightful and Useful to the exponentially growing Patriot Movement in the United States at this time.

Although these blogs are being Created By A Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Team of 4 Heroic Persons that Are Collectively Standing Up Against The United States Federal Government, there is only one Author on this WordPress Collaborative Team at this time.

This Author is Allen Darman.

According to AllenD…

“There are some really decent blogs on our July4thRevolution Website that would be useful to the Patriot Movement at this time.  None of what I wrote for this website is Copyrighted or legally encumbered in any way.  I welcome anyone in the Patriot Movement to use what I wrote for this website in any manner that they wish.  None of this material has been widely circulated, and it needs to be circulated more.”

“This July4thRevolution Website Is Admittedly An Organizational Mess.  However, when I began to activate this Website in April 2012, I began it with a number of blogs that contained the bulk of what I wanted to say.”

“It would be well worth the time of any Patriotic Blogger such as Dean Garrison or Chad Miller to take a look at the April 2012 blogs on this WordPress Website for however long it lasts.  Although I have no solid proof of this, it is my understanding that this website *has been flagged for removal* by Federal Government Censorship, and at some point it may be taken down.”

“Every Patriotic Blogger should read at least one blog on this website titled *Suppression Of Great Truth Is The Norm It Seems*.  This particular blog written in August 2010 is our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s most popular blog worldwide.” (This blog is easily found by using Google and doing a Title Search.)

“I Salute and Am Forever Grateful to All of My Fellow Patriotic Bloggers, regardless of whatever Blog Platform they are using in which to Communicate Our Thoughts And Opinions to our Fellow Americans and the World.”

AllenD and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Team


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