Allen Darman Has Use Of His 21 Inch iMac Computer During Florence OR Public Library Hours (7-16-2013)

After I get my next SSD check on or about August 1st, I will head down to San Francisco and should be there in about two days.

This means “expect me on the 3rd of August, or the 4th… but no later than this”.

If I didn’t make it to San Francisco on the 4th of August, that’s because either the Feds or the Mafia captured or killed me, or perhaps my minivan broke down or I had an accident (both of which are very unlikely).

on Suppression by Allen D

The Internet Changed The World For The Better!

According to Allen…

I am currently writing this WordPress Blog using my iMac at a nice small table in the lobby of the public library in Florence Oregon.

This setup will really help to move things along WordPress Blogging-wise and otherwise… for now instead of only an allowable hour of Computer and Internet Access in the library using their computers, I now have all day to work on the Internet using my iMac (as long as the library is open).

For the next two weeks I am going to remain parked in Florence OR. It is a great setup here for both sleeping and working.

Florence sure is a good place to be homeless with a minivan! It is a small seacoast town on Route 101 about 50 miles north of Coos Bay OR. (I feel quite safe here.)

After I get my next SSD check on or about…

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