The Patriot Movement In America Should Find A Home For Allen Darman Here Is Why (4-12-2013)

Note: As of July 14th 2013 some of the material below is Obsolete… and some Is MISSING… and needs to be said as well (when I find the time).

According to Allen Darman…

I have no problem whatsoever in regard to openly blogging for Justifiable Revolution In America.

I am not worried about what our Federal Government might do to me because for over three years the Mafia has had an Open Contract on my life. 

For the past three years I have successfully avoided death at the hands of the Mafia close to three dozen times. (I don’t think I am going to last much longer against these folks. I had hoped to find help in San Francisco, but apparently not.)

I have little or no fear of the Federal Government, who has been Internet Witnessing the Mafia repeatedly trying to kill me via their monitoring of Facebook and the Internet.

My own Federal Government has does absolutely nothing to help me. Perhaps this is because it is so corrupt and it is heavily infiltrated by the Mafia as well.

We might as well hand the Mob the Keys to America if we are not brave enough to stand up to them!

The Patriot Movement would be wise to Save Me before it is too late.

Allen Darman