Allen Darman Needs A Miracle To Save Him From The Mafia This Time (4-14-2013)

According to Allen…

Obviously it was a giant mistake on my part that I left relative safety and came out west by train, assuming that there was a good possibility that I would get picked up in Emeryville.

I don’t think anything changed between the Mafia and I, no matter how hard I tried.

I quite literally need someone to drive up to Roseburg and save me.  This would be a Miracle for sure.

I do not think the above has much of a chance of happening.  ALMOST EVERYONE IN AMERICA IS AFRAID OF THE MAFIA, and perhaps justifably so as much power as this organization has acquired here.

If they do succeed in killing me this time (as is likely), what will happen to those that heroically helped me for this past year?

It rather amazes me that the Mafia is so powerful that they can openly kill people on the Internet… and they are not worried about the consequences to themselves a bit.

The Mafia has control of America it seems.

Allen Darman


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