AllenD Made It To Salt Lake City

According to AllenD…

“Our WordPress Team grows into a far more powerful force if my team members in San Francisco and I actually cohabitate together. I sure hope my team members are wise enough to pick me up when my train pulls in on Friday, and allow me to sleep on their floor as a guest for a few days to talk things out and make the best decision in regard to “what is the best plan for us as a team.”

“Our strongest position against both the Mafia and the federal government is to live together. If they kill the three of us, there will be both an Internet Woodstock and a Revolution once people in America become widely aware of our collective deaths… regardless of who killed us.”

“I love you folks, whoever you are. For the rest of my life I will do all I can for you.”

“God is in this picture.  We actually have a Chance of Succeeding and Surviving This.”

“Hackers have sporadic control of this smart phone.  Even if I get blocked from blogging, at this point I believe that there is a 99 percent chance of my making Emeryville alive.”


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