It Is Time 4 US Patriots 2 Take America Back! (3-25-2013)

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Give Me Liberty! Or Give Me Death!

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1) Peter, Paul and Mary singing “If I Had A Hammer” on YouTube!

2) Bruce Springsteen *The Boss* singing “Born In The U.S.A.” on YouTube!

3) Bruce Springsteen *The Boss* singing “This Land Is Your Land”on YouTube!

4) Bruce Springsteen *The Boss* singing “Badlands” on YouTube!

5) Bruce Springsteen *The Boss* singing “The Rising” on YouTube!

6) Bruce Springsteen *The Boss* singing “Dancing In The Dark” on YouTube!

7) Billy Joel singing “The Times they are a-Changing” on YouTube!

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Ps. Alwin Thomas singing Best song ever.. “Freedom”..on YouTube!

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About Allen Darman (or “AllenD” or “SmokeMasterAllenD”)

As of April 10, 2012, I Am No Longer WordPress Blogging Alone On The Internet.

As of April 2012, I Am The Leader of A Four Person
Revolutionary WordPress Website Development
Collaborative Internet Team

Perhaps All I Wish to Say About The Above Mentioned Development at the Moment Is…

Thank God I am not Working Alone!!! with WordPress Any More!, especially in light of the fact that I am managing Sixteen Websites now! vs. the Single One that I had before. It really helps to have a WordPress Collaborative Internet Team behind U when U are handling Sixteen Websites or more! That’s no lie!

Allen Darman and his heroic Collaborative WordPress Internet Team!


That Dummy Allen Darman is Above! Boy, does he make a lot of mistakes! And he has a funny looking bald head! At Least He Works Hard Though. He Tries.
Allen says “I am a Workaholic, I am an Activist for Positive Social Change, I strongly believe in what I am Doing, and I am getting a lot of anonymous help from some very powerful persons and parties over the Internet. Numerous Powers that Be are >>>substantially threatened by the WordPress work<<< of my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team. I am willing to die if need be in order for the Truth to Be Heard, and apparently so are those persons that have Intuitively Collaborated with me using WordPress since April 2012. I am no hero, but those “who voluntarily jumped into my foxhole beside me” sure are! Persons in America and Worldwide should Place an Internet Watch on Our Lives and Our Freedom forever… not for our sake, but for yours.”

Let’s Party!!! Things are Going Great for the Human Race! It Will ONLY Be A Matter of Months and our Corrupt Corporate, Mafia, and NWO Controlled United States Federal Government Begins to Fall to the Truth!

Some Day This Summer! The Feds will be Doomed on a Sunny Day for Freedom!

With Bruce Springsteen (hopefully) singing Badlands on stage! and then singing “the Rising” on the stage 2!

That’s No Lie!


Below is a Secondary Internet Woodstock Website to the Primary Internet Woodstock  Website of>>>
The Image Below is *Clickable*.
ScreenshotInternet Woodstock Blog


The Management site listed below is the bee’s knees


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For My2 LESBIAN 420 SUBMISSIVE WordPress Friends…
Puff Puff Pass Again! over the Internet via video!…
Make it a Big One! Hon…
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I Like U2 Better…
When You Are Super Stoned 4 Me!SmokeMasterAllenD


Google Logo Art

from a Doodle 4 Google Art Contest!

Sometimes pictures say more than words.

Women’s Day 2013

Logo Title: Womens Day 2013 *Just Think of What Is Going To Happen* in the future When All the Women of the World Become Connected Over the Internet!

We Men have clearly brought this World to the Brink of Extinction.
I postulate that Women Could Do A Much Better Job than We Men Did
With the Resources that Were Available to Us. ALLEND

The Doodle 4 Google Logo Art Contest Shows Us that Sometimes pictures do say more than words. What follows is another great example of this!

Regarding Allen and his son Willy and ***What They Achieved by Collaborating Together*** In Pictures!

The picture below shows my eldest son Willy at about seventeen and a half years old after >>>he applied a wide range of Nutritional and Natural Supplements to himself<<>>he applied a wide range of Nutritional and Natural Supplements to himself<<< for three and a half years (beginning when he was almost fourteen years old), and he used a few simple lessons (that his father taught him verbally) and a little of his own Common Sense.

The picture below shows my eldest son Willy at about seventeen and a half years old after >>>he applied a wide range of Nutritional and Natural Supplements to himself<<< for three and a half years (beginning when he was almost fourteen years old), and he used a few simple lessons (that his father taught him verbally) and a little of his own Common Sense.

What My Son Willy Did Between August of 2004 and February of 2008 Exposed the Enormous Hoax of Drug Oriented Medicine!, if the Truth Ever Became Known!

No More ADHD! No More Bipolar Disorder! and No More Weak and Sickly Childhood Health!

The Picture below shows my eldest son Willy’s Health at the hands of conventional medicine.
This Picture represents my son Willy at about ten and a half years of age, after being on Ritalin for about four years for an ADHD diagnosis and classic bipolar symptoms. At this point in his life Willy was not very happy, and he had both Seriously Compromised Mental and Physical Health.

Essentially I taught Willy verbally ***the Basic Facts that He Needed To Know***
In Order to Become ***An Effective Doctor of Himself***, and
***I also gave Willy the Supplement Tools*** that he needed to do so.
Willy did the rest!


 A Blog our Team Wrote on February 27, 2013

It Is Time For All Patriots And WordPress Power Bloggers To Come Together! Rise Up! And Take Our Country Back! (2-27-2013)

Also Written on February 27th: Today My Youngest Son Maxwell had a Big Birthday! the Biggest! He’s 21 now!

The Picture In the Link Below is My Youngest Son Maxwell and Some of his Friends in College. Max is easy to Pick Out, he’s the one that’s a Rock Star! Oops! I meant >holding a can!< of Rockstar! sorry! i must be stoned! rotflmao

February 27, 2013 >>>Happy Birthday Max!<<>You are 21 now!<>Old enough to Make Your Own Good Decisions!<>Without Either your Mother or Father!<>YOUR LIFE!<< Is In Your Own Hands, Body and Mind.<<>This Will Automatically Teach You the Value of Making Mistakes And Learning From Them!<>I hope to see you Quite Soon in either San Francisco, Santa Fe, and/or Hawaii. >>Hint: The Amtrak Train to San Francisco From Utica NY Is Peanuts!, especially if you book it In Advance and Online! Check it out!<< Signed, Just your Dad who misses you often! Call me sometime after you read this WordPress Blog, you >Think On It< for a day or two, and you gotta few minutes to Spare… Let’s chat! on the phone or Online and Kick Around a few Ideas! at a Time Convenient to Us Both! And I need some Apple Guidance and Help! lol

I love you! Son


More About AllenD

I ordered a Second iMac today (2-28-2013) because I have already had a Devil of a Time in Regard to Hackers Heavily Attacking the first Apple Refurbished iMac I just got the other day (2-26-2013). Two Days of hacker hell! These are almost Certainly BOTH Federal Government and Mafia hackers. I have been chronically hacked and disrupted EVER SINCE I PUT MY SON WILLY’S ORIGINAL RECOVERY WIDELY ON THE INTERNET IN JUNE 2006. I am the Most Hacked Man on the Planet! No Doubt! They should put me in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS FOR BEING HACKED SO MUCH since June 2006! In regard to Murder Attempts by the Mafia thus far that have Failed, my count only stands at about 35 Failed Attempts, so I would not set the Record for the Guinness Book of Records.  A man in the Energy Invention Arena Named Adam Trombly has me Beat, as he has had 54!  Frankly, I am glad I am Number 2… who would want any more?  



Important Notes:

This historic WordPress Blog is being Written Prepared and by SmokeMasterAllenD and his heroic Collaborative Internet Team“We got *Balls the Size of Texas* for doing what we are doing vs. Big Pharma, Big Oil, the Illuminati (or whatever they are called), The Mafia, and the United States Government.

“Oddly, the Mafia is not the Real Bad Guy here. If they Switch Sides, Many Mutual Benefits could emanate from this.” AllenD


Sharing Good News is a Beautiful thing!

These Are VERY Joyous Times!!! For All of Us!!! For Every Single! Human Being! On this Beautiful Planet! that we all share!

Please Feel Free 2 Share These Joyous Times! with Your Facebook!, Google+!, and Twitter Friends! They Will **ALL!** *Thank You For the Rest of Their Lives for Doing So* *if You were **the First to Share** this **WordPress Blog of Hope** with them.

Only One Percent of the Folks on Mother Earth Will Not Be VERY Joyous Soon!

It may be worthy to note here that the New *e-government* of *the New Freedom States of America!* will be *Obligated by Law* to *Try to Salvage by the Methodology of Reeducation* *All Those that We Possibly Can*. This Salvation Will Occur Under a *Blanket Forgiveness for Past Transgressions Rule*. This *Blanket Forgiveness for Past Transgressions Rule* with Come with Numerous Justifiable Stipulations Attached*. (Obviously we are not going to let the Corrupt Wealthy Elite keep Any of the Big Money, but they will be left no worse off than “Middle Class”. (I propose that the Single Exception here should be the MAFIA **IF** THEY SWITCH SIDES AND HELP THE PEOPLE. The Mafia deserves some gravy if they help the People instead of the Corporations and the Wealthy Elite. If the Mafia does the Right Thing, they should be exempt from any Income or Assets Limits by rule of law.)


Incidentally, This iRock4FREEDOM WordPress Web Page has a chance of making me Internet Famous.

I would like to say a few things about this…

Fame Don’t Mean Beans to Me!

I just wanna find the right folks and >>>Get the iRock4FREEDOM Startup Job at Hand Done!<<<, and done Professionally! too. And I wanna have some laughter! either in person, via the Internet, or on the phone, and have lots of 420 WordPress Website Development fun!

Oops, I forget to add getting a back rub from a woman every once in a while! (My shoulders hurt from so much keyboard time.)

And I forgot to add having somewhere to stay in the Bay Area beginning April 5th or so that is **Very Close** (as in right next door or in the same place) to my San Francisco help.

Is the above list too much to ask? of my Fellow Americans.

I am going to repeat myself… Fame Don’t Mean Beans to Me!


Dear Google – a Large Corporation with Great Integrity!

Above>>> Google

is simply the best Search Engine on the Planet!

Below>>> WordPress

is simply the best Blogging Platform on the Planet!

WordPress – a Smaller Corporation with Heroic Integrity!

Using Google, WordPress, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

*Virtually Any Person Anywhere* has
The Power to Change the World!

And Dear Jim Humble,
Lesley Carter,
Gary Vesperman,
Adam Trombly,
Mark J of Coveredwebservices dot com,
my two Lesbian 420Submissive WordPress Angels in San Francisco or “Whomever You Two Persons Really Are”,
Dean Garrison,
Samantha Adams, and
the Wise Folks at Facebook and Twitter who are listening to us>>>
I hereby Call Our First iRock4FREEDOM Meeting to get the ball rolling, and get us all on the same page rather expeditiously!
First is My Daily Management Report! of course!

[A Copy Block belongs here…. this Copy Block represents *the Next Significant WordPress Blog to Be Written* on SmokeMasterAllenD’s WordPress Blogging Agenda.  When this WordPress Blog is written, it will be inserted *here*. ]

1) Wrap Up 4 the General Management Report for March 27, 2013:

March promises to be a Great Blogging Month!!! 4 All of Us! No lie!

We are on the Verge of A Time of Great Positive Change both in American and Worldwide! This Change may be chaotic 4 a little while until the Powers that Be let us Slaves go to be the Free Men and Woman we were ordained by God be. (The wise person has stored up a month or two of rice and beans at least.)

We Are About To Make History! this JULY!

The Feds Don’t Stand a Chance!

Nor Do the NWO Order Folks! or the Mafia (unless they switch sides)

It’s Almost Over!


We Definitely WON!!!

2) Management Report Specific to my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

I’m using a Great! Refurbished Apple iMac! that I got from ordering it online the other day! I have had far less trouble with Hackers by switching from Windows to Apple. The difference is rather enormous.

 i am working on my first post of a new Team website! of ours! called! (

This March Let’s Show the World How to Fly! with WordPress! with Lots of Good People Collaborating with Each Other! Over the Internet, and With the Truth!

They are not going to believe it!

No shit!

3) Allen Darman’s Personal Self-Management Report:

I am the Happiest Man Alive! that’s no lie!

Allen Darman 


Our Team’s Magnificent Seven Websites

Tweetable Link>>>

The Seven WordPress Websites Reflected Below are Creations of
Allen Dee and his Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

Our WordPress Collaborative Team’s Magnificent Seven Websites are as follows… all of the Images shown are “Clickable”.

  • 1) iROCK4FREEDOM the 1st Internet Woodstock!


  • 2) Our latest Management Website titled 420SmokeMASTERAllenD>ORDERS>420LesbianSlaves!


  • 3) Eight Presidents Round Table Internet Government Website


  • 4) A Suppression of Truth WordPress Website


  • 5) An Alternative Medical Discovery WordPress Website


  • 6) A Justifiable Civil Disobedience Website


  • 7) Our July 4th Revolution WordPress Website


Web Address Link of the Above>>>


Regarding Samantha Adams and Allen Darman

The Powers that Be are deathly afraid of what Samantha Adams (Norma Jean Stevens) represents, and what she is capable of doing.

The same applies to both Allen Darman individually, and Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.

The Powers that Be are Between A Rock And A Hard Place at the Moment.  THEY CANNOT LET THINGS UNFOLD AS THEY SHOULD BETWEEN Samantha Adams and Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.  They HAVE TO STOP US one way or another.  Stopping us means Either **Jailing One or More of Us** or **Killing One Or More Of Us**.  However, when they Jail and/or Kill Us TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET WILL KNOW.  Our Internet Martyrdom will Slaughter Them.

The Powers that Be have a real dilemma on their hands due to Samantha Adams and Allen Darman and his entire WordPress Collaborative Internet Team being of Similar Heart and Mind.

Someone is very possibly going to end up dead from mysterious causes between now and July.

All of us are Brave Truth Warriors For America.  We will NOT BE INTIMIDATED, And We Will Not Back Up.

The Powers that Be Just Lost To A Handful of Heroes! It is only a Matter of Time before our Corrupt Federal Government Falls, whether We are Alive to See This Or Not!

In an Ideal World,  Samantha Adams, Allen Darman, and his entire WordPress Collaborative Internet Team would **BE WORKING UNDER THE SAME ROOF **.

Allen also wants to inform Samantha Adams that his ability to either send or receive both emails and phone calls is limited, and that EVERYTHING he does IN THESE REGARDS is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT MONITORED BY BOTH THE MAFIA AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.


  1. Fame don’t mean beans to me. Neither does money. (What good are fame and money going to do for me when I am dead?)

    I define myself as “a humble little worker bee” for God… the little piece of God in “all of us”. God Nature, as my father used to say.

    Don’t thank me for any of this.

    Thank God. Thank my son Willy. Thank my son Maxwell too.

    Thank all of the authors of accurate Alternative Medical Books.

    Thank Helen, my best friend after Jimmy died. (He was my best friend before her.)

    Thank all of the people that helped me in one way or another over the years, both family and friends.

    And give A Very Special Thank You to my father and mother Arthur and Marion Darman.

    Incidentally, Pinochle between the three of us was “an almost weekly event”. Over the years (and there were many of them), we played Pinochle for hundreds of hours against each other, my mother, my father, and I. All three of us were geniuses in multiple, albeit different, ways. By their admission… I was the best single deck pinochle player of the bunch, even regularly besting my mother, who was a Life Master at bridge, and one of the best bridge players in the country.

    Marion, your deep love for me saved me countless times in my life from age eleven (my bipolar onset) onward. I think of you every single day.

    Said tongue in cheek to my father while my mother listens in between Pinochle hands (she is the dealer)…

    Art, I BLAME YOU! for this jam I have got myself in. It is all your fault! lmao (laughing my ass off)

    My father was A Very Special Man. Just ask anyone that really knew him. We will all say the same kind of things about him.

    Art, I blame you (lol) because you drilled three things into me time, and time, and time again… both when I was a child and a young man.

    One was “Doctors spoon feed out knowledge a little at a time, and withhold the rest. They are NOT to be trusted at all.”

    Another was…

    “Think. You have a Good Brain. Your Good Brain Will Pull You Out Of Any Jam You May Get Yourself Into… If You Use It Wisely.”

    And the last was…

    “Money is nothing! It is only paper! A pile of money is only a pile of paper! Money is only a means to an end. It is worthless in and of itself.”

    Art, on all counts you were right “in spades”.

    How ironic! These three seeds of Truth my father taught me beginning in the sixties, during conversations around a round maple dining room table that my father himself had designed, toppled Big Pharma decades later.

    The World owes a Very Special Thank you to my father Arthur Patrick Darman for sure.

    I look forward to seeing Art and Marion in heaven when the time comes. We are going to play some Pinochle again! Hoorah!

    I can’t wait to to tell them the story titled “They Messed With The Wrong Guy”… lmao while I tell it.

    It’s a story about the Stupidity of Big Pharma!

    We are going to Die Laughing! my mother, my father, and I.

    Some of us might wet our pants… lol… or need to go the the bathroom in a real hurry!

    This story is So Funny! It’s an Absolute Scream!

    My dearly beloved father Arthur died in 1996. He will forever reside in my heart.

    My dearly beloved mother passed away in 2005. She will forever reside in my heart too.

    Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

    Note: This Links Section still needs a little work!>>>Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s Top Ten! WordPress Blogs!!!>>>

    1) An Internet Based Federal Government *Should Have Eight Presidents* Rather Than One (12-9-2012)

    Posted on March 7, 2013 by 
    Tweetable Link of the *Eight Presidents WordPress Blog*>>> Tweetable Link 4 this >>iRock4FREEDOM! Web Page<<>>

    2) Alarm!!! Beware of that New Internet Security Center Opening In Utah in 2013! (4-9-2012)

    Tweetable Link for this SuppressionbyAllenD WordPress Blog>>>

    3) The Blog Federal Government And/Or Mafia Hackers Mess With The Most; The Story of Darman Mfg. Company and Genius (10-13-2010)


    Tweetable Link>>>

    And of Utmost Importance…

    4) Suppression Of Great Truth Is The Norm It Seems (8-30-2010)




    5) Governmental vs. Alternative Medicine; It Is Time For Change (8-17-2010)

    Tweetable Link of this Historic WordPress Blog>>>


    Alternative medicine has “trumped” conventional drug-oriented medicine on the Internet in the past ten years, as far as the truth is concerned. (See blog for more…)

    6) The Gist of Nutrientscure.WordPress.Com As of July 12th 2010 (3-13-2013); A Historic WordPress Repost

    Posted on March 13, 2013

    Tweetable Link to this historic Repost>>>

    Full Web Address Link to this Repost: 

    ***Important Prefacing Notes Dated 1/15/2013: was Originally a WordPress Website in regard to overcoming mental illness via the use of natural and non-drug means. It was essentially the story of my overcoming over three decades of bipolar symptoms in the late 1990′s, and then teaching my son Willy Darman how to overcome an ADHD diagnosis and bipolar symptoms beginning when he was thirteen years old in 2004.

    The Search for a Cure for ADHD and bipolar disorder ended! with my son Willy Darman and I. We Co-Discovered these Cures for the World! (See blog for more…)

    7) Germane Words From The Declaration of Independence and Some Reasons Why (10-9-2011)

    Posted on March 13, 2013

    Tweetable Link>>>

    8) A Complex Battle Between At Least Ten Power Structures Is Now Underway; REVOLUTION SOON Is The American Public’s ONLY CHOICE (1-9-2013)

     Reblogged from July4threvolution: ***Important Prefacing Note Dated January 9, 2013: The Complex Battle Referred to in this WordPress Blog Actually Involves Ten Power Structures, Rather Than the Seven or Eight Power Structures that the Title of Previous Versions of this “Complex Battle WordPress Blog” refers to (and the copy below alludes to). Therefore its Title has been changed to “A Complex Battle Between At Least Ten Power Structures Is Now Underway; REVOLUTION SOON Is The American Public’s ONLY CHOICE (1-9-2013)”. In addition to Google seemingly joining My Revolutionary Collaborative Team of Four Heroic WordPress Website Development Specialists (an Event that changed the Original Post of this “Complex Battle WordPress Blog” from Seven to Eight Power Structures), it is *Now Apparent To Me* that both Facebook and WordPress have become Aware Of and Are Supportive Of My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team as well. Facebook and WordPress represent Power Structures #9 and #10. Twitter may also be aware of us and supportive as well. If so, eleven power structures are now involved in this Complex Battle Between “The 99% of Us” and “Those In the Corporate and Governmental World that Continue to Want To Tell Us a Pack of Lies”.Both the United States of America and the World Stand At A Very Major Crossroad In Human History, if Not the Penultimate One.The Growth and Development of the Internet has Awakened Millions of Persons Around the World to the Fact We the General Public Are Being Told A Myriad of Lies, or Lies of Omission, by Numerous Corporations, Numerous Industries, and Numerous State and Federal Governments, to include our own Federal Government here in the United States.The Exposure of a Number of Lies By the Powers That Be via an Open and Free Internet will Inevitably Breed Justifiable Revolution, both here in the United States and Worldwide.

    There is a Major Movement Underway by the Powers that Be to Curtail Internet Freedom, and To Silence By Secretive Murder Some of the Leading Internet Revolutionaries. (EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team is Under the Threat of Either Imprisonment or Death at the Moment. Three Out Of Four Of Us Have Had To Survive Multiple Attempts To Murder Us. In regard to two of these three persons, the multiple murder attempts were quite recent.)

    Although Some Of Us May Be Killed Fighting For Internet Freedom and Freedom In General, It Is My Firm Belief that the Truth Will Inevitably Win Out Over the Lies.

    There is No Stopping the Truth Now!

    For All Those That Wish To Stop the Truth From Reaching The Light Of Day,
    all that I have to say to you is “It Is Simply Too Late!”.

    Thank WordPress, Google, Facebook, Twitter, 2 Lesbian 420sub Heroes in San Francisco, Mark in Florida, my Father and my Mother, and God!

    Allen Darman  [end of prefacing note]

    The Power Structures in this Complex Battle that My Revolutionary Collaborative Internet Team’s WordPress Website Development and WordPress Blogging Initiated are as Follows…

     Power Structure Number One… the Corporations.

    The Corporations ARE THE BIG EVIL HERE. They have Control of Governments Worldwide via the Methodologies of Bribing Politicians, Bribing Main Stream Media, and Employing the Mafia to Use Force (and to Kill When Necessary).

    Power Structure Number Two… Federal Governments Worldwide… to Include our own Federal Government Of Course…

    Read more… 301 more words

    9) It Is Time 4 US Patriots 2 Take America Back! (3-25-2013)

    Posted on March 25, 2013

    Tweetable Link>>>

    Give Me Liberty! Or Give Me Death!

    9 again from our July4thRevolution WordPress Website) It Is Time 4 US Patriots 2 Take America Back! (3-25-2013)


    Year of the Patriot 2013 Like/Share -->

    10) The Financial Trigger To Crush Big Pharma Is In Place (2010)

    Tweetable Link>>>

    Full Web Address Link>>>


    Notable Quotes

    Live Free Or Die!

    New Hampshire License Plate

    The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.Agatha Christie

    The best time for planning a Revolution is when you are Smoking a Bong and Blogging on WordPress in the middle of the night!420SmokeMasterAllenD

    As Many Times as the Mafia has tried to kill me in the past three years to ***Stop the Truth from Coming Out***, it is a Miracle that I remained Alive long enough to write this WordPress piece of work in Collaboration with my heroic WordPress Internet Team! AllenD

    Our Federal Government Internet Witnessed Dozens of These Murder Attempts and yet did nothing to help me! An eyewitness to an Attempted Murder that does nothing is an Attempted Murderer too! An eyewitness to an Actual Murder that does nothing often justifiably goes to prison for the same amount of time as the murderer does! AllenD

    Writing is a struggle against silence. Carlos Fuentes

    Writing to me is simply thinking through my fingers. Isaac Asimov

    Think First! before you put your mouth, your fingers, or your keyboard in gear! AllenD

    Eighty Five Percent of “Me” is *My Extraordinary Parents Arthur and Marion Darman*. I am only Fifteen Percent of “Me”. AllenD

    Easy reading is damn hard writing.Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Damn hard writing is Easy! when using WordPress Because It Is So Easy To Make Changes later! AllenD

    Be obscure clearly. E.B. White

    Be Clear Obscurely! Puff Puff Pass! I’m Stoned! AllenD

    Every writer I know has trouble writing. Joseph Heller

    My Son Willy Darman and I Co-discovered the Cure For Writer’s Block in 2004! I’m a dummy! I did not realize this until two years later! AllenD

    I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.Steven Wright

    I’m writing a book. Thank God I have 2 Lesbian 420sub Angels! 2 do the page numbers 4 Me after I get them Real Stoned! on their knees! in front of me! SmokeMasterAllenD

    There is creative reading as well as creative writing.Ralph Waldo Emerson

    I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them.Anne Rice

    I loved words as well. I could not say the Above Quote better than Anne Rice did! Thank You Anne Rice! 4 loving words as much as I do! AllenD

    The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it.Leo Rosten

    I’m No Professional Writer! I hack at it! Thank God I have two Professional Lesbian 420Sub WordPress Angels to edit me and back me up!
    They make me Look Professional! I would be nothing without the two of them! typed with tears in my eyes. Allen Darman aka 420SmokeMasterAllenD!

    I Welcome Your Feedback! Please Leave a Reply! I promise U I will read it! and consider it carefully! if I can find the time! AllenD


    Tweetable Link>>>

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