A Google Search Worth Doing And A Book Worth Reading; The Planned Destruction of America (2-22-2013)

The book titled “The Planned Destruction of America” is rated five stars by all but one reviewer on Amazon.com.

This book was written by James Wardner in 1994, but many reviewers note its material is timeless and not out of date.  Many call this a MUST READ book.

A Google Search of both “a planned destruction of america” and “a planned destruction of american freedom” without the quote marks bring up some rather interesting and insightful reading material. 

Everyone in America at the present time should be asking themselves “Am I and my loved ones prepared to survive for a month or two (at least) if the grocery stores are out of food and/or what food that they do carry costs five or ten times more what it does now?”

And every American should ask themselves “How come Main Stream Media and the Federal Government DID NOT WARN ME TO STORE FOOD BECAUSE THERE WAS GOING TO BE A RUN ON THE BANKS AND THE GROCERY STORES… and THAT THE VALUE OF THE DOLLAR WAS GOING TO COLLAPSE THIS YEAR?” (2013 or at best perhaps 2014)

Our politicians should be held accountable in a court of law for not warning the American public of the above.

And You Should Be Forewarned.

And Be Prepared.

Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

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