Stated TO BOTH AMERICA AND THE WORLD – DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? IF I DON’T DIE TONIGHT THEY WILL TRY TOMORROW NIGHT, ETC., ETC., ETC. UNTIL IT’S OVER. I AM GOING TO HAVE A HIT ATTEMPT ***EVERY SINGLE DAY*** FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER WEEK, OR ANOTHER MONTH, OR ANOTHER FEW MONTHS, ETC. THE ONLY WAY MYSELF OR MY TwoLesbian<<420SubmissiveObedientStonyBear4MeAlltheTimeWordPressWebsiteDevelopmentGeniusesAreGoingToHaveAChanceAtSurvivalIsToLiveInAProtectedFashionofSomeSortThatIsGratuitoulyFunded<<>>ASAP<<<CashIsOK<andMayBeWise<>>Without<<>>Help<<>> We4My<<TeamWillSoonBeDead<<.


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