Work In Progress: A Call 4 Justifiable Revolution In America (12-11-12)

Work In Progress copy:

If I, Allen Darman,

(1) Disappear Off Of The Internet For More Than 72 Hours


That I Was Grabbed By “The Bad Guys”, and I Will NEVER BE HEARD FROM AGAIN.


2) Are Jailed Under the NDAA

3) Are Jailed For *Any Reason Whatsoever

I am a Moral Man and a Man of God; I Do Not Break the law.

4) Are Jailed or Killed Under the NDAA…

Or Jailed Or Killed Under Any Other Federal, State, or City Law

(5) Am Found Dead For *ANY* Apparent Reason

My General State of Health Is Good.

I Am Not A Candidate For A Major Or Minor Heart Attack Or Any Sort Of Body Or Brain Vascular Event.

(6) Am Found Dead From An “Apparent Suicide” Caused By Virtually Any And Every Suicidal Means Known To Humanity.

In regard to this Sixth Point of Suicide, I feel the Need to Discuss This Particular Topic At Length.

There Are Numerous Reasons For The Above.

The Primary One in my mind is *A Staged Suicide* Is *The Most Likely Manner* that *Either the Mafia or the Feds* would use to *Stop Me From Completing* “The Magnificent Seven” WordPress Blog Package…

In Collaboration With My Two Lesbian WordPress Website Specialists located in San Francisco.

We Three WordPress Website Development Specialists, while working in an *Intuitive Collaborate Fashion* ONLY, *Have Already Made Internet History* as far as *How Much Of A Socially Significant WordPress Web Presense* >>>Can Be Achieved In Such A Short Time.<<<

We3 Expect To Complete "The Magnificent Seven" WordPress Package On Or About January 1st 2013.

And In Regard To The Timeframe Reflected In The Above, We3 Know What We ARE TALKING ABOUT!

We3 Are Experts With WordPress, especially u2.

In spite of us Being Experts with WordPress, we3 are Continually Learning, and Continually Getting Better at "What We Do".

I am the Weak Link in the TeamOf3 By Far As Far As Techical WordPress Skills goes.

However, my WordPress Skills are Adequate Enough to Get My End Of The Job Done.

I am Strong In Regard to *Copy Generation*. This Is My Primary Role as Far As *Being A Member of the WordPress Website Specialist Team of we3.*

A Note of Critical Importance… we3 is really we4.

As far as we3, our Learning Never Ends, Not Only In Regard 2 WordPress, but In Regard 2 Everything Else.

In Regard To Suicide And I

I Do Not Have A Suicidal Bone In My Body, Despite Recently (November 2012) WordPress Blogging On Such.

I Worked This Issue Out Of Being A Potential Suicide Out For Myself After I Graduated High School In 1970.  I did this By Widely Reading On Religious And Philosophical Topics… And Thinking And Reflecting On Such. (

Incidentally, “The Dear Max And Willy” WordPress Blog Series Explains A Great Deal About Why I Was Considering “Is Suicide One Option 4 Me?”.

In Essence, In Early November 2012, I Had Recently Underwent About 70 Days Straight Of Multiple Hit Attempts By The Mafia…

And In Early November The Mafia Was Still “Coming After Me”.

What Would You Have Done In My Shoes?
In Light of the Facts that (A) “No one escapes the Mafia, if they want to kill you”, and (B) The Mafia Often Tortures People Before They Kill You. I knew these Facts Years Ago.

Both My Father Arthur Darman, and My “Self-Appointed 2nd Father”, a Man Still Alive (and therefore I am hesitant to name) taught me a great deal about the Mafia.

Last month my sister Laurie took a book out of the library Titled “The Sinatra Club” by Sal Polisi.

I immediately read this book from cover to cover.

It was quite insightful in regard to the Subject of “Torture”.

I have also read Henry Hills Autobiography Twice, and other Books About the Mafia such as the Godfather.


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