Notable Quotes from Allen Darman (12-6-2012)

Notable Quotes from Allen Darman (12-6-2012) Web Page Address:

Important Notes: I have been Hacker Blocked for *About Seven and a Half Hours!!!* in regard to Editing Or Completing the abovementioned blog referred to by a Shortlink.

The last thing I was able to write on this Notable Quotes Blog on is GOV.

I was unable to write the word GOVERNMENT, then put a period after it and hit the Space Bar… so as to properly space out my next Notable Quote.

Due to the Nature of the Copy I was writing at the time that I first got Hacked and Shut Down from working on this Historic Notable Quotes WordPress Blog, I strongly suspect that Federal Government Hackers are blocking me, and not Mafia ones. (I admittedly may be wrong in this assumption… but I doubt it.)

It’s July 4th 2013 Revolution Time it seems.

Only about seven more months of Federal Nonsense…

And then Common Sense takes over.

Or so I pray to God.


Allen Darman


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