Dear Max and Willy (11/11/2012)

Dear Max And Willy Blog Shortlink:

Many wars have a turning point where the losing side is now ahead (winning).

The Dear Max And Willy blog reached critical mass on 11/11/12.

In doing so, I believe that my blogging on WordPress has assured my Inevitable Martyrdom (no matter how and when I die) in regard to my twelve and a half year war against Big Pharma and the hoax of pharmaceutical medicine…

And in doing so my war against Big Pharma has reached its turning point… such that humanity and I are now ahead (winning!).

There is an odd coincidence worth noting here. The Great Documentary! called Thrive 11-11-11 produced by Foster and Kimberly Gamble was released exactly one year ago on 11/11/11. (This hopeful documentary is a real treat if you have not seen it yet. It is free to watch via the Internet. I strongly suggest that you join the ten million people that have already seen it.

Allen Darman

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