Dear Max and Willy (11/11/2012)

Important Note: The Completion of this Dear Max And Willy Blog has been delayed. It Will NOT Be Done By Thanksgiving, as I had initially had hoped. Its Completion date is uncertain at this point. I will amend this Note in the future when I know more… assuming that I am still alive. Allen D

This blog is a blog addressed to my two sons. However, it is also a Blog that is meant >>>For The Entire World<<< as well.

The Dear Max And Willy WordPress Blog is a blog that I am going to work on until just before Thanksgiving, at which point it will be done.

I Pledge to both America and the World that this Historic WordPress Blog will be Completed by November 21, 2012 if at all possible. If it is not completed by this date, either hackers blocked me or I have been captured or killed (most likely by the Mafia as the Mafia has tried to kill me so many times before).

This blog is one of the most important blogs that I have written in my entire life, if not quite arguably “The Most Important Bar None”. If for some reason this blog does not get completed… Again… then “something bad” happened on this end. This “something bad” could mean hacker interference, it could mean my sister was leaned on by the Mafia and asked me to leave her rented house (in which case I am screwed because I have nowhere else to go and I will possibly be dead within an hour or two), or it could mean the Mafia grabbed me and I am probably dead. Let’s see how things go.

Allen Darman

Note: The above section will be amended when this blog is done.

Important Prefacing Notes:

It is >>>Critical<<< that this Dear Max And Willy Blog cover three Historic Blogs that were written years ago. One of these historic blogs is Titled Concepts And Ideas To Treat Depression Naturally. Another is Titled Bentonite, Depression, and How The Gut May Work. The third and most recent of these blogs is Titled Willy’s Baggie II Shortcuts The Resolution Of Depression. (These three WordPress blogs are easily found by using a Title Search in Google.)

Dear Max and Willy:

First and foremost I want to tell you both "I love you two dearly no matter what". My love for you will never change whether I am here for you or whether I am in Heaven.

Thanksgiving is not too far away. I hope to see you both then, look you in the eye, give you both a hug, and tell you both how much I love you.

On Thanksgiving I also hope to talk about many of the Good Times we have had together in our lives, and how much we three all have to be Thankful for!

I do not intend on Thanksgiving being a sad affair at all, nor do I intend on bringing up much unpleasantness.

Thanksgiving is a time for Joy and Thankfulness, and it is in this spirit that I am coming to New Hartford to see you.

This Thanksgiving you both will not see me with a negative attitude at all. I intend to come in the door with a big smile on my face, and joy in my heart to see you two. And I intend on remaining that way until I leave perhaps an hour or two later.

I will be so happy to see you two this Thanksgiving it’s not funny… and this will show on my face the entire time.

Why will I feel this way?

After what I went through in Council Bluffs and Des Moines Iowa and Omaha Nebraska this past summer and fall I often thought that I would never get a chance to see you two again. I was poisoned three times, I was chased three times (twice by vehicles and once by foot), I was almost dead >>>at least a half a dozen times<<< via "entrapment of one sort or another", I had to check into a psych ward twice "for my own protection from the Mob" to avoid dying the very same day that I checked in, and I had to camp out alone in the city and in the woods in many different places while on the run (using a bicycle) three dozen times or so.

The list above >>>only tells part of the story<<< of what I had to go through to avoid being killed by the Mafia from early August until mid October 2012. (The true story of all that happened to me in Iowa and Omaha Nebraska recently is so extensive and so unbelievable there is no point in trying to tell it in any great detail… as so few persons would believe this "Miraculous Story of Survival Against All Odds" to be true.)

We all have a lot to be Thankful For this Thanksgiving.

One thing that we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving is the fact I am still alive… as perhaps not one man in millions would have survived what I went through in Iowa and Nebraska since early August 2012.

Max and Willy and Pamela… I can't wait to hear all that you three individually have to be Thankful for this past year.

Thanksgiving is definitely not all about me… it is about you two young men, Mom, and everyone else that sits down to eat with us too.

Let's take turns at the dinner table telling the story of what we each have to be Thankful For… just as we often do.

Thanksgiving is a time of Joy! Let's have fun this Thanksgiving… just as we always do!

Regarding A Difficult Decision I Have Made

In this blog being written to you it is time for me to be completely honest in regard to some bad news.

This bad news is "I am very probably not going to be alive too much longer".

You both know how long I have been battling to get the Truth Out on the Internet that manic depression is curable naturally, and you both know how long I have been battling with the Mafia simply "to stay alive".

Every man has his limitations. It has been apparent to me for some time that I have reached mine.

Over the past 34 months (since the first attempt to kill me) I have grown weary of the battle that I am in vs. our Federal Government, Big Pharma, and the Mafia. In growing weary, I do not have an adequate amount of strength to defend myself.

However… and this is a Very Important Point… even if I was not weary of this Battle that I am in… and I did have the same degree of strength that I had in the past… it would not matter at all.

It would not matter because since very early August the attacks against me by the Mafia have been incessant and "won't let up no matter where I go". (It is clear to me that my enemies intend to soon bury me. My >>>Only Chance at Survival<<< at this point is if the Mafia lifts its longstanding contract on me. The likelihood of this happening is extremely slim, and may actually be non-existent.)

At this point in time I am almost certain that my demise is quite near, and I am faced with a very difficult set of choices.

In regard to the Set of Five Choices in the material that follows I ask you both… What would you do in my shoes? and I look forward to hearing your answers on Thanksgiving.

However, please realize that I have always been a man that decided his own destiny. This means that no matter what your opinions are I am going to do what I feel I have to do… period.

I am primarily asking your opinions to "make you think", as you will both be faced with making tough choices requiring carefully considered thought in your lives at one point or another. Thinking through "my current dilemma" is good practice… and it will help you to understand why I am going to do what I believe is "my best choice".

My Current Dilemma

To describe my current dilemma and its resultant choices properly I am going to have to go back in my life history quite a few years first.

Why do I have to go back in my life history in regard to the above?

I have to go back in my life history in regard to the above because what happened to me in the past in my life has a bearing on the present. (I think that you will understand this when you read the material below.)

The onset of my significant and life impairing bipolar symptoms occurred when I was eleven years old and while in fifth grade.

I went from the teacher's pet (my teachers favorite student) and an A or A plus student in fourth grade to my teacher's least favorite student in sixth grade, despite the fact my grades were still quite good.

I became my teacher's least favorite student in sixth grade due to the fact "I kept interrupting in class". My sixth grade teacher interpreted my constant interruption of him as "disobedience and disrespect"… rather than the significant degree of mania that it was. (My brain in sixth grade would simply "fire too fast". As a result of this I would just blurt something out while my teacher was talking, or had just finished a sentence. Often what I would blurt out was very funny because in hypomania I had a heck of a sense of humor.)

In sixth grade I became known as "the class clown", rather than the quiet, well mannered, and thoughtful student that I was in the fourth grade.

Junior high school was very difficult for me, in part due to my hypomania at times, and in part due to the fact that in the dead of winter I often was somewhat depressed.

Nobody had a clue as to "what was going on with me" in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. This was the early to mid 1960's. Any real knowledge in regard to manic depression was almost non-existent at this time.

Then came high school, which I attended from 1996 to 1970.

High school was very difficult for me due to chronic and recurrent symptoms of manic depression.

The schoolwork is high school was not that difficult, and I got very good grades when I tried. High school material was pretty easy for me to learn.

I was the best chess player in my high school bar none. (The only chess player close to me in high school got a full scholarship to NYU Medical School, and graduated either #1 or #2 in his class.)

I was also quite good at playing duplicate bridge while in high school as the result of being taught by my mother, reading bridge books she gave me, and having "innate card skills" and "innate card sense".

I was one of the "very smartest students" in my "accelerated" high school class (the accelerated class was for intellectually gifted kids).

One of my nicknames in high school was "Brain". (My other nickname in high school admittedly was "Dirt" after a musician named Al Hirt, as a result of my sneakers getting a lot of dirt on the wrestling mats in practice when I was on the wrestling team.)

I took the SAT test twice in my senior year of high school. My highest individual scores were 800 in math and 708 verbal. (My verbal skills have never been nearly as strong as my math, logic, and deductive ones.)

Despite being a gifted student that breezed through my high school cirriculum with ease, I had major problems all through high school.

I was "at war" with many of my teachers, I was "at war" with some members of the school administration, and I was "at odds" with most of my classmates as well.

All of the above problems stemmed from my heretofore undiagnosed symptoms of manic depression. (Perhaps amazing to some, I was not properly diagnosed as being bipolar until June 1994… about three decades after "my big problems" with this illness began.)

After high school, I went to college for only three weeks and dropped out. I just did not fit in, as far as attending a structured learning environment goes.

My dropping out of college does not mean I was "done with learning" by any means. I was a person that greatly valued "acquiring new knowledge" when I dropped out of college, and I was a voracious reader. I simply decided "to go my own way" in acquiring new knowledge, despite the fact that this course of action meant no college degree.

At eighteen years old I greatly valued Knowledge for its own sake. (My father Arthur Darman and my mother Marion Darman had both done an Extraordinary Job teaching me "The Value of Knowledge For Its Own Sake".) A college degree was "only a piece of paper". Acquiring one meant nothing to me.

As "a Boy Genius of Sorts"… I looked at College in two ways…

One way was I was being forced to learn things that I felt were not that Germane to the State of the World.

As early as ten years old I intended to try to "really make a positive difference in this world some day". At ten years old, I also knew that "I had enough brains" to perhaps actually achieve this. (In fourth grade I was assigned an essay in regard to what I wanted to be in life. I wanted to be the President of the United States some day. At the time I was dead serious about this.)

The other way I looked at college was that the pace of learning while attending class in college was far too slow for me. By the fall of 1970 I knew from years of experience that I could learn so much faster Not Attending College simply by using my critical thinking skills and reading many Good Books. (The Internet as a Tremendously Powerful Learning Tool had not been conceived, much less invented, yet. Libraries and Books were all I had until the mid 1990's as far as my own self education went.)

The First Major Topic I decided to educate myself about after I dropped out of college was religion. I spent about eighteen months with religion (and philosophical thinking) being my primary area of interest.

There was a significant and very important reason that I chose religion to be my first topic of study.

This reason was that I had already experienced numerous bouts of severe depression with suicidal ideation attached beginning at about 15 years of age. I needed to develop enough faith in God such that I would not ever commit suicide in my life, despite my thinking about it (when I was seriously biochemically depressed).

My religous self teaching at 18 and 19 years of age was quite successful. It got me through decades of regularly experiencing severe depression with suicidal ideation attached without even a single mark or a single attempt to show for it.

>>>Important Notes: After writing the above line, this Smart Phone was hacked and I was shut down from using it normally for a few hours. The material that I am writing is crippling Big Pharma line by line. My instinct tells me that a meeting/discussion had to be held somewhere or somehow in regard to making decisions as "to what to do about me?" and "whether to continue to let me work on this critical Dear Max And Willy blog". As I am now able to blog normally again apparently I am going to be allowed to continue to work on this critical blog for now. This may change later… and I will be shut down by hackers again. Or I may soon be captured and/or killed "in some sneaky way" (such as a staged suicide) to stop me from completing this Dear Max And Willy blog. I do not know what will happen to me before Thanksgiving. Only God and the Mafia know this. All I know is that I am morally obligated to write this blog no matter what may happen to my sister Laurie or me. I did have a long and honest talk with my sister in regard to the Truth underlying the situation I have put her in with my blogging from her house during the period I was shut down by hackers. I love my sister dearly for her stance of not asking me to leave her house immediately due to the personal risks involved on her end. In a very real way my sister Lauren Darman is literally saving my life. I guess we both "just have to trust in God" for the period between now and Thanksgiving. Our period of biggest risk is the next 24 to 48 hours or so.<<<

At age 19 I joined the Army. I almost immediately knew I made a big mistake.

The Army "made a man out of me" in an odd way.

I went AWOL in "zero week" (the first week) of basic training, hitchhiking home from Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri to Utica, New York in 36 hours. A few weeks later I voluntarily returned to face the music, and was court martialled for three counts of disobedience and put in the stockade.

I spent the summer of my nineteenth year behind barbed wire for about 90 days. One month I was in the stockade at Ft. Leonard Wood, and two months I spent at the Correctional Training Facility at Ft. Riley Kansas.

After 13 months in the Army I had had enough… and on Justifiable Moral Grounds I just decided to quit. While I was serving in Panama I told the Army "You have three choices… kill me, lock me up, or let me out". The Army let me out a month later with an Undesirable Discharge.

The Army taught me to take full personal responsibility for myself, and for whatever actions I chose to take. Despite my Undesirable Discharge… the Army made a man out of me.

From age 20 to age 30 or so I did not have a single "good friend", or go on a single date with a woman… simply because of the difference in me compared to other people due to chronic symptoms (mostly hypomania) of manic depression. Despite such symptoms I held a job of one sort or another during these years, and I was self-supporting the entire time.

Work kept me alive in my 20's. I used to say to myself "I can do the work of two men" (this was the truth, or very close to it). I was a hypomanic workaholic most of the time (with the admitted exception of times in winter when I often went through episodes of severe depression). During these years I practically built a house entirely from the ground up in Steuben NY with my bare hands (no electricity), and I learned how to weld, rebuild automobile engines, and to work on cars in general.

At age 30 I bought Darman Manufacturing Company from my father for $100,000, despite not having a dime. This story has already been told on the Internet in a blog Titled The Story of Darman Mfg. Company And Genius. (This blog is easily found using a Title Search and Google. I recommend the reader of Dear Max And Willy read this particular blog at this time, as it tells so much about me.)

While running Darman Mfg. Company as its President, I had a real tough year that required me to work 100 plus hour weeks for quite a few months at a time. This was our “changeover year” when we went from making a steel cloth roll towel cabinet (that commercial laundries bought from us, and then used with their linen supply customers) to making a cloth roll towel cabinet with a modern plastic housing (instead of a steel one).

The long hours of working one hundred plus hour weeks for months at a time resulted in my bipolar symptoms getting a lot worse. Too much work, and too much stress, over a long period of time made me get much sicker from the standpoint of mental health.

Even worse than the above, I started gambling heavily beginning in November 1987, despite having no life history of having gambled before.

Poker was my game.

Poker brought me down.

Ironically, poker also saved me from the trap of manic depression.

The first significant document I wrote in regard to how the human brain works was a nineteen page document Titled The World Of Professional Poker Where My Knowledge Of Mania Comes From. (If someone seaches for this Title in Google, you will not find this document. However, you will find a >>>Significant<<< unfinished WordPress blog that I wrote about a month and a half after the first attempt on my life Titled The Particulars Underlying The Discovery Of Willy's Baggie. This blog was written on February 24, 2010.)

(Important Note: Much more copy in this Section of what I learned about >>manic depression<>>how the human brain works<<>very long hours<< in a casino environment is coming at some point.)

I was first diagnosed with Bipolar II in June 1994, as a result of checking into a rehab center in Syracuse, NY because I finally had to face the fact that although I could do extraordinary things work-wise, there was also "something really wrong with me".

About a month after I was first diagnosed as Bipolar, in Trenton NJ I promised to a very close friend while in tears… "I pledge to use every ounce of Genius God gave me to find a way out of this trap we are both in" (to find the cure to manic depression).

The problem with the above is "I more than succeeded".

Big Pharma has to have me killed for knowing too much, and the Mafia is "their Killing Agency".

Thank God thus far the Mafia has not succeeded. However, they have most certainly tried to do so again and again and again… about 30 to 35 individual times since January 6th 2010.

The Difficult Choices I Currently Have As A Result Of The Above

In my mind my only choices shortly after Thanksgiving are the following five… and there are pluses and minuses associated with each one.

One choice is to commit suicide soon after Thanksgiving in lieu of "soon being murdered by the Mafia". (I would rather die by my own hand than theirs.)

A second choice is let my guard down and go to NYC soon after Thanksgiving in attempt to meet with the Mafia and try to get them to work with me to bring down Big Pharma.

"When you cannot beat them, join them" is my thinking here. I sincerely hope the Mafia has changed its mind about me and now feels the same way. (I say this despite the fact that the Mafia turned me down on this same offer in Iowa and Omaha three times already… and simply "kept trying to kill me over and over again".)

The option of my continuing to battle with the Mafia as I have been doing for the past 34 months is "Not a Viable Option" for me any longer. I have had enough of this. No one can beat the Mob if they want to kill you, and I am no exception. (They will get you sooner or later. I strongly sense my time may have "almost run out" in this regard unless the Mafia changes its mind about me.)

It is my sincere opinion that the Mafia can make far more money saving America than it can doing what it is doing now. (The key here is to plan things out very carefully in advance, especially in regard to a sell short play of drug industry stock.)

It is also my sincere opinion that the Mafia can be "a Force for Great Good in America and the World" should they so choose to do so… and that this is by far their Best and Most Profitable Choice.

I would love to become a paid consultant for the Mafia. This course of action makes the most sense "for all of us" to me. I am a very good worker, and I come very cheap. (50K to 75K annually would be fine by me.)

A third choice is to get my birth certificate and valid picture ID… and then take the bus to Kansas City (or the train to Omaha and then the bus to Kansas City) in early December (when I get my SSD check) in an attempt to have an initial meeting with the Mafia there vs. NYC.

A fourth choice is to try to travel to the Riordan Clinic in Witchita KS ( in early December and let the Mafia simply kill me on the way.

And the fifth and final choice is to try to travel to San Francisco again in early December in the hope that the two lesbian WordPress Website Development Specialists that have both put their lives on the line to help me will meet me at the train station this time. (I know that if I try to do this I will likely be killed along the way… if not killed beforehand here in Albany NY.)

There are major positives and negatives associated with each one of the above Five Choices. What follows is what I think they are:

Choice #1: Self-inflicted Suicide Soon After Thanksgiving

>>>Important Note: Copy that is coming in the future is copy that will address the Three Critical Blogs that I need to address in this Dear Max And Willy blog.
The Titles of these three critical blogs are as follows:

Concepts And Ideas To Treat Depression Naturally

Bentonite, Depression, And How The Gut May Work

Willy’s Baggie II Shortcuts The Resolution Of Depression

The Above Three WordPress Blogs are easily found by Searching for their Titles using Google.


It would perhaps be the Ultimate Irony that “the Person That Found the World’s Best Chemical Answer” in Order to Properly Treat a State of Biochemical Depression committed Suicide.

That person is me. (I have had a World Leading Degree of Knowledge in regard to How To Treat Biochemical Depression Naturally Via Nutritional Supplement Use And Other Natural Means since April 2000… over twelve and a half years ago. No one on this planet knows close to what I know in this regard… unless they learned it from me.)

If I choose to commit Suicide shortly after Thanksgiving it will NOT BE because I am either paranoid, delusional, or depressed.

It will be because “I knew I was soon going to be dead anyway” as a result of being murdered by the Mafia.

In Truth All of the Five Choices that I have listed in this Dear Max And Willy Blog may soon result in my demise.

What difference is it to the World “If I die by my own hand” or “If the Mafia murders me”?

Dead is Dead in my Book… and Regardless of How in My Particular Case.

If I so choose to commit Suicide after I see my two sons Max and Willy on Thanksgiving… I know that God and many of my fellow human beings will forgive me.

My ONLY Chance at Survival is “If the Mafia changes its mind and Cancels its Contract on me”.

The Odds of the Mafia cancelling the hit contract on me may be very small.

>>>However, it is Important to Note that the Odds of the Mafia cancelling the hit on me, although they may be very small, are not hopeless. Here’s Why>>> Members of the Mafia in the U.S. are fellow Americans, and I am trying to save the Fiscal, Physical, and Mental Health of America from the Hoax of Pharmaceutical Medicine (and they would benefit from this). Many members of the Mafia have children, and I am trying to save the Health of Children from the Lies underlying Conventional Drug-Oriented Medicine. Members of the Mafia are all People, and all People have “a little piece of God in them”. To ditch Big Pharma and help me would perhaps be the best Public Relations move that the Mafia could ever make, and a well executed short sell play on falling Big Pharma stock value could make the Mafia a ton of dough. >>>Incidentally, members of the Mafia have more balls and More Honor than all of our Corrupt Politicians in Washington DC… that’s for sure.<<>>>Lastly, I have Hope because There Is Always A Chance Due To The Existence And Presence Of God.<<<

What follows is Why The Odds of the Mafia cancelling the Hit Contract on me may be quite small (despite the material written above)…

The Mafia has tried to kill me so many times before. A good rough estimate in this regard is in the neighborhood of 30 to 35 times. (Incidentally I am aware of only one other man that has had more attempts on his life than I have and is still alive. His name is Adam Trombly. He is a genius inventor in the energy invention arena. Thus far he has survived 54 attempts on his life according to his own count.)

Before I go into the list of attempts on my life I should perhaps note that I knew these attempts were Inevitable since July 2000. (This was about three months after I gained a World leading degree of knowledge by April 2000 in regard to how to treat a depressive state with high dosage broad based free form amino acids and other natural means.)

I knew in July 2000 (almost twelve and a half years ago) that Big Pharma had to eventually come after me and try to kill me.

This is because high dosage broad based free form amino acids, when used properly, and used in combination with gut/malabsorptive knowledge that I had acquired by April 2000, could easily generate a substantial amount of anecdotal video material that would prove that the entire class of antidepressant medications was a hoax.

I knew by July 2000 that the general public WOULD BELIEVE this anecdotal video material because the depression remissions achieved would so profound (and they would create very credible video evidence).

Furthermore I knew by July 2000 that anecdotal video testimony that I could readily generate enmasse if given the means to do so (and an adequate amount of volunteers) would cost Big Pharma dearly, if not come close to toppling drug-oriented medicine altogether.

I sure had a real problem on my hands in July 2000… for I knew that I had made a set of discoveries between the fall of 1997 and April 2000 that was going to cost me my life unless I stayed quiet about them and did not try to share them on the Internet.

However, I also knew that I was morally obligated to share these discoveries as best as I could over the Internet with the entire human race.

I was between a rock and a hard place in July 2000… for I had to pursue a course of action that was almost certainly going to cost me my life.

No one wants to die at 47 (my age in July 2000), and I was no exception.

It took me about three months to think things out, decide to be a man about this, and “do the right thing” (stand up for the human race, even if it meant my certain death to do so).

During these three months I came up with a rough semblance of a plan to try to beat Big Pharma via the use of the Internet.

This rough plan was to use Muhammad Ali’s “Rope A Dope” strategy against Big Pharma. I was going to feign weakness on the Internet as much as I possibly could, while still getting out what I had to say to the World at the same time.

To achieve the above, one thing I decided on in the summer of 2000 was to not put any powerfully presented video material on the Internet, despite being a gifted presenter.

Another thing I did was to intentionally not upgrade my computer skills very much, despite being gifted in my abilty to use computers. (This was proven in 1987 when I was running Darman Mfg. Company. Its particulars were told in the WordPress blog Titled The Story Of Darman Mfg. Company And Genius.)

A third part of my rope a dope routine was to have a sporadic presence on the Internet, and skip being present on the Internet for months at a time.

A fourth part of this rope a dope strategy on the Internet was to “act stupid sometimes”. (As a result of unusual activity that was highly suggestive of my being heavily keylogged, I knew that I was being monitored “by multiple hacking parties” from the fall of 1999 onward.)

Who would have thought in the year 2000 that One Man with a Keyboard, Balls, and a Brain could bring the corporate monster called Big Pharma down? by…
Using Muhammad Ali’s Rope A Dope strategy (the strategy Ali used to beat George Foreman in the Rumble In The Jungle fight in Zaire in 1974).

The above is >>>Exactly What Is Happening Here…<<< I just Have Not Finished Yet. (With the Mafia's help, I could easily win my longstanding war against Big Pharma within a matter of perhaps three to four months.)

I have to admit… if I knew in July 2000 that in going to war against Big Pharma that I was going to run into the Mafia I might have chickened out.

Why might I have chickened out and kept my mouth shut if I knew that the Mafia was involved?

Both my father (who was 50% Sicilian) and "my second father" (a man that was 100% Sicilian) had taught me about the Mafia… that "No one beats the Mafia"… "If they want you dead you are going to die"… and "No matter where in the World you try to hide, the Mafia will find you".

On second thought I might not have chickened out even knowing the above. The moral obligation that I felt to help the human race was just too strong.

I had no choice in July 2000 but to fight Big Pharma with all the brains, skills, and tools that I had, regardless of the personal consequences.

Episode #1: The First Attempt on my life occurred on January 6th 2010 in Atlantic City shortly after a Health Freedom Conference I attended in northern NJ. (I will remember this day for the rest of my life.)

This first attempt on my life was an attempt that "had to happen" due to the fact that a doctor in NYC was willing to work with me and use Willy's Baggies on his depressed patients (those that were willing to try them).

Episode #2: Utica NY from approximately May 22, 2010 until June 3, 2010.

This episode involved Multiple Individual Hit Attempts.

This episode occurred just after I posted the Nutientscure WordPress Blog Titled A Tribute To Bob Beck; A World Class Healer to the Internet on May 21, 2010.

Episode #3: Phoenix AZ from April 1, 2011 until April 5, 2011

This episode involved Multiple Individual Hit Attempts.

This episode occurred soon after I posted the Nutrientscure WordPress blog Titled Will The American Public Win The Race Against Big Pharma? on March 28, 2011… and posted another Nutrientscure WordPress blog (an unfinished one) Titled Fame Dont Mean Beans To Me shortly thereafter.

Episode #4: Utica NY from about April 7, 2011 until early May 2011.

This episode involved Multiple Individual Hit Attempts.

This “Mission Impossible-like” episode occurred while I was locked in a psych ward for my own protection.

Episode #5: Utica NY from about February 24, 2012 until March 1, 2011

This episode involved Multiple Individual Hit Attempts.

This episode involved both poison gas and the use of a gun.

Episode #6 onward occurred in IA and Omaha between early August and mid October 2012…

These episodes involved Multiple Individual Hit Attempts.

The above copy of my “murder attempt list” to be filled in and continued here as soon as I am able to…

Choice #2: Meeting With The Mafia In NYC

In the back of my mind I know that if I do not choose Choice #1 (Suicide) that the time has come for me to face the Mafia unprotected, whether they simply execute me or not. (In essence this means that Choices #4 and #5 are simply "Suicide done in another way"… like suicide when "you make a cop shoot you under false pretext".)

In talking to R. in Des Moines I understand that I have to meet with the Mafia in NYC at one point or another, and I am quite comfortable with this.

However, even though NYC is much closer to my present location than Kansas City I do not know if "I should start there" as far as having an initial meeting goes. (There are a number of reasons for this.)

Choice #3: Meeting with the Mafia in Kansas City

This choice has a number of advantages associated with it, despite the fact it was the KC mob that repeatedly was trying to kill me while I was in Des Moines IA, it was probably the KC mob that was trying to kill me in Council Bluffs and Omaha, and it was the KC mob that was first contacted by B. P. by phone when I was Phoenix in early 2011 in regard to "where I was and is there a contract on me?".

The biggest advantage that Kansas City offers me is that it is an ideal central location for me to be… if the Mafia finally changes its mind about me and does not simply execute me when I show up in KC.

One reason for the above is that the Riordan Clinic is in Witchita KS which is not too far away from Kansas City. The Riordan Clinic is >>>A Place that Willy's Baggie Idea Needs To Go<<< for the Mafia to make the most money on it. This is the Only Facility in this country, if not the world, that is appropriate in regard to researching and validating what my son Willy and I have discovered. This research and validation could easily make the Mafia a ton of money in the stock market if it played its cards right. (Market timing of a short sell play is the key here. I suggest we use Wall Street experts to advise us.)

Another reason Kansas City is a good location is that it is not that far to Austin TX where both Mike Adams of (and and Alex Jones of are. These two people are key to a sell short play generating a ton of profit, especially Mike Adams. Glenn of is also located in the Midwest as well… and so is Jeffrey Smith of the Institute of Responsible Technology in Fairfield IA.

The persons mentioned in the above paragraph (and many others of similar ilk) have the ability and would have the willingness to collectively wake up tens of millions of people "all at once" if things are handled properly by the Mafia. My rough estimate is at least a hundred billion dollars (if not hundreds of billions of dollars) could be made in the stock market in a remarkably short time due to this (from falling Big Pharma stocks).

A Critically Important WordPress Blog that I wrote in 2010 that relates to the above is Titled The Financial Trigger To Crush Big Pharma Is In Place. This WordPress blog is easily found by Searching for its Title Using Google. (This material is worth reading if you have not read it yet.)

To be continued after I think this blog out for a while longer…

Important Note: I had initially expected to complete this Dear Max And Willy WordPress Blog on or about November 21, 2012. Unfortunately, the Completion Date for this Historic WordPress Blog has been unavoidably delayed. Any copy contained in this Dear Max And Willy Blog that may suggest otherwise is in error.

Allen Darman

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The Gist of (This particular blog is also the Permanent Face Blog on an old “Backup Website” that I stopped posting to so that this blog remained on top.

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The FDA Will Mandate That Mental Illness Can Not Be Cured (This blog is more recent than the Organizational Blog of The Gist of As such, it contains Links to some blogs that had not been written yet.)

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