I Am Being Chronically Hacker Blocked From Sharing On Facebook Today (11/18/2012)

Some of my Facebook Shares admittedly get through today.

However, many of them DO NOT.

This is another clear attempt by hackers to stop the Truth from being Shared Over the Internet.

I suspect that the hackers blocking me are more likely to be Federal Government hackers than Big Pharma/Mafia hackers today. (It is one group or the other it seems.)

Allen Darman


Dear Max And Willy My Six Choices For Christmas (12/25/2012)

The Dear Max And Willy Blog that I was writing for Thanksgiving will not be completed by then… in part due to hackers blocking “my keyboard time” so much… and in part for other reasons.

The current Dear Max And Willy blog is going to be amended to become a Christmas Dear Max And Willy blog instead of a Thanksgiving Dear Max And Willy blog.

There are a number of Justifiable Reasons for this.

This Christmas blog only reflects the Title as per the above. (I have intentionally dated this blog for Christmas day, but it will be released a little beforehand.)

I pray to both God and the Mafia that I live long enough to complete the blog Titled Dear Max And Willy My Six Choices For Christmas (12/25/2012).


Allen Darman