A Synopsis of What Happened Thus Far Today

First I broke the Code of Silence in regard to the Mafia at about 4 AM.

I had to do this to my Friends, despite knowing they would get angry and take substantial action against me.

The Mafia are NOT THE REAL BAD GUYS HERE even if they are the ones that may kill me.

The Corporations and Corrupted Governments All Over the World ARE THE REAL BAD GUYS HERE.

America has the Most Corrupt Federal Government of course. Our own Federal Government has wanted me Silenced Or Dead for quite some time.

An attempt was made to Poison me at Dinner an hour ago. My lips are still burning from the Poison that was used… but I think I will be OK.

There is a Third Player in this mix. I have known for some time that the Russians are here as well.

Russia has an Oil Economy… and my Blogging on Free Energy Invention Suppression threatens its collapse.

Out of the Three Parties mentioned Above I am more likely to die Tonight at the hands of the Russians more than anyone else.

The Feds are my Second Most Dangerous Enemy.


If I had to guess the Odds here… I would guess 65/30/5 as far as percentages go.

Allen Darman


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