Where Is Gary Vesperman? Did Something Happen To Him?

Note: After I wrote this blog I did get a bulk email from Gary Vesperman.

An investigative reporter named Gary Vesperman has generated some of the most insightful material ever written in regard to the pervasive suppression of energy inventions of all sorts.

Gary used to respond to my emails… and I heard from him fairly regularly.

Now there is only silence.

I sure hope that Gary Vesperman is still alive… and that he has not been intimidated or “bought off”.

When the suppression of energy inventions is coupled with medical discovery suppression… this body of knowledge has enough power to topple Governments.

See my blog titled “Suppression of Great Truth Is the Norm It Seems” for more information. (This blog can be easily found by a Title Search using Google.)

Allen Darman