The Mafia Has Me Trapped Here I Expect To Soon By Dead By Their Hands (9-20-2012)

Once the Mafia was successful in stealing my Arizona Driver’s License while I was staying at the Open Door Mission in Omaha I lost my ability to buy a bus or train ticket… for without picture ID one cannot travel in America these days.

To get my ID back I would need to go stay in a homeless shelter… and in all four shelters in the Omaha/Council Bluffs “they” (the Mafia) have men waiting for me.

Or I could rent a motel room (or a studio apartment) and have my Birth Certificate sent there.  If I did so, I’d be dead before it got there.

The Mafia has been EXTREMELY successful in running off any and all friends thet I make here… so there is “no protection to be found there”.

I have been camping out in the woods in various spots for the last few weeks doing a lot of thinking… while postponing the inevitable.

The bottom line of this Thinking is “There is No Way Out of the Bind that I seem to have gotten myself into”… and “They Will Finally Catch Up To Me after all of the prior times that they have tried” (Atlantic City January 2010, Utica NY late May and early June 2010, Phoenix AZ early April 2011, Utica NY the balance of April 2011, Utica NY February 2012, and Omaha/Council Bluffs from early August 2012 to the present).

As this may be my last blog (or perhaps my next to last blog) I would like to say a few things…

One is “I’d bet a thousand to one that the recent Supreme Court Decision that mandated Obamacare was a Mafia influenced one”.

The other is that the Supreme Court Decision allowing corporate donations of ANY amount to influence the Electorial Process at the Federal level was also a Mafia influenced one.

What happened here in essence is that… Big Pharma knew that “they essentially fell to the Truth about Nutritional Healing” as the result of Willy’s Baggie of broad based nutrition being discovered.

This is why as soon as I put my son Willy’s Original Recovery Story on the Internet in June 2006 that my chronic hacking problems began.

Willy’s Baggie was also the reason that the FDA tried to label virtually ALL nutritional and natural supplements “drugs” in 2007.  This was also a Mafia directed move on behalf of Big Pharma.  The Mafia simply leaned on numerous FDA officials and forced them to do their bidding by threatening their children with death. (This methodology of threatening one’s children with death is “how the Mafia works” to get any person or persons to do as they wish.)

Big Pharma knew that their only chance at survival as the industry they are today was to either kill me before the Truth became buried too deep on the Internet, or they had to Gain Control of Our Federal Government as far as Healthcare goes.  They failed at the former, or so I hope.  However, they have succeeded at the latter.


I retract any claim of Holiness made in any prior blog in here.

I am a man, and a man with as many flaws as any other man.

I am also an Alternative Medical Discoverer that tried to help his fellow human beings by sharing my son Willy’s and my Discoveries on the Internet in order to help my fellow human beings.

In doing the above, and in outliving multiple attempts by the Mafia to kill me thus far, I have uncovered a Conspiracy of Enormous Proportions involving Big Pharma, the Mafia, numerous FDA officials, certain Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, and God knows who else in our Federal Government (President Obama? Various Senators and Congresspersons?, etc.).

I am soon to die for the Above at the hands of the Mafia… there is no doubt about this in my mind. 

Al Qaeda is not nearly the threat to America that Mafia influence over our Federal Government is.

May God Help America after I am gone.

Allen Darman


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