Two Of My Native American Friends On Bicycles Were Hit By A Car Last Night (8-18-2012)

One of them… Chief… got a number of stitches on the back of his head, and has a very sore jaw.

The other is sore all over, just as Chief is.

This was a hit and run accident.

Or was it an accident at all?

The Mafia has gone to great lengths in the past month to intimidate and scare off MANY of my Friends at ALL THREE HOMELESS SHELTERS THAT I HAVE STAYED AT THIS MONTH.

Perhaps now the Mafia has decided that “those Key Friends that they cannot intimidate… need to be liquidated… or “hurt bad”… such that “they are hitting my key bicycle Friends with a car”. (I strongly suspect that this is what happened here.  Another key bicycle Friend of mine had all four tires on his two bikes at Mohm’s Place flattened the other day… such that he cannot “ride with me” due to both of his bikes being out of order as “he is too poor to buy new tires”.  The Mob Absolutely Does Not Want Me To Have Homeless Truth Soldier Bicycle Friends… I am Certain of This.) 

Incidentally, the Mafia also >>>STRONGLY APPEARS<<< to have intimidated (and pressured) many Staff Members at all three homeless shelters that I have stayed at this month (August 2012) as well.


Thank God both Chief and his friend T….. (and my friend too) are both Alive and OK… at least for the moment.

I pray that some Good People in this world will step up to the plate VERY SOON and give me and my friends the means to (1) buy a Reliable late model Pickup Truck that will be used to pull (2) a good used Travel Trailer, (3) buy a few backup vehicles to follow us, (4) buy a dozen used High Quality Bicycles or so,  and (5) buy whatever else it takes to get My Friends and I out of these Dangerous Homeless Shelters… such that (6) twelve to fifteen of us Brave Truth Soldiers “can hit the road together” as “a Truth Soldier Team”… and (7) Soon Prove what I know about Nutritional Healing to the World.

There is “Safety In Numbers”… If I do not surround myself with a Solid Team Soon… it sure looks like “I will be Dead”.

All I need to finish the Job God Gave Me… is to Stay Alive for Another Four Months or so…  and to raise ASAP the 35K to 50K needed in order to Safely Get the Job Done (as per the plan above). 


Allen Darman


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