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One Powerful Force For Good That Has Been Helping Me In August is God… Of Course.

The Other Powerful Force For Good Is Some Party With The Means To Use “Listening Devices”, Visual Surveillance, Wise Planning, and Some Protective Help… or so it seems.

I do not know who is funding this Second Powerful Force For Good.  Nor have I had any direct contact with this Force.

Despite the lack of direct contact, I have been *Sure For Over Ten Days* that “Somebody with Power besides God is Helping me”… I just don’t know who this party is.


I Pray To God that those Human Beings that are helping me “behind the scenes” will result in my remaining Alive for another handful of months. (If I do die before Christmas for ANY REASON, it was “my Sicilian adversaries” that “got to me”. I am 99.9% certain of this.)

With the help…

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