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★Important Note★: This Blog Is No Longer Germane. I am staying at the Open Door Mission in Carter Lake. I feel relatively safe here. Allen


Last Night I drank some poisoned water at the Siena Francis Misssion. 

This poisoned water makes one extremely thirsty… a thirst that just won’t quit.

Thank God I did not drink but only a few swallows of it.

If I drank much more than I did, I would now be Dead.


I am absolutely certain that if Mrytle did not give me the ride that she did last night… that I would be dead.


Watchful eyes from two Engineers in a parked Locomotive this morning may have saved my life.


I will continue to do my best to stay alive by hanging out either near the Downtown Omaha Public Library and/or the Old Market Section of Omaha.

I am Safe during the Day.


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