I Survived Being Poisoned Twice By The Mafia This Month (8-29-2012)

August 2012 has been one heck of a month.

On one hand I met a lot of wonderful people on both sides of the river. (The Missouri River separates Council Bluffs Iowa and Omaha Nebraska.)

I also learned a number of useful lessons this month.

On the other hand I am amazed I made it through this month Alive.

The Mafia was successful in getting poison into me twice… once on one side of the river and once on the other.

This is a poison that has been used on me before as follows…

After the Mafia Tried to Kill Me For Four Days in a Row in Phoenix in early April 2011 (a Nutrientscure WordPress blog record exists in regard to this attempt), I voluntarily checked into a Psych Ward in Utica New York in an attempt to “buy some safe time” upon my return home.  This was a big mistake, as at least a half dozen Mafiosa checked in right after me.  I was poisoned multiple times while in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Utica New York in April 2011.  This is a poison that makes one EXTREMELY THIRSTY… I JUST COULD NOT DRINK ENOUGH WATER to satisfy the Thirst this poison made me feel. (This “extreme thirst symptom” is a hallmark symptom of this poison that has been used against me numerous times.  It should help to identify it.) 

Twice in August 2012 I was poisoned to the point of getting this extreme thirst.  Thank God both times I was able to avoid taking in too much of this poison… or I would be dead.

At one point when I was in Omaha under the influence of poison and “on the street at night and on the run” I called up my son Willy to tell him “I love You Willy… but perhaps it’s time to say Goodbye.  I think they finally got me this time… and that I am going to die tonight.  Don’t feel bad about this Son… there is nothing you could have done or can do to save me.  I had to fight this fight against Big Pharma’s and Our Federal Government’s Myriad of Lies.  I did my Best at All Times… and I did the right thing”.  (I honestly did not think I would make it through the night on this particular occasion.)

Not only was I poisoned Twice in August 2012, there were multiple other attempts on my life in August 2012 as well.  Every time I bounced from one homeless shelter to another I did so under the threat of death… and I bounced from one homeless shelter to another five or six times.


August 2012 was “Hollywood in Real Life” for me…

Except the Cavalry to Save Me Has Not Showed up yet… nor have a few Angelic Philanthropic Dollars which would be of great help… lol.

I am going to end this blog with…

It’s a Miracle that I am still Alive… that’s no shit.

Thank God that God is in this picture…

and Thanks So Much to All Those Good People that helped me in one way or another this past month.

Allen Darman


The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. Gustave Flaubert

The Period Between Now And My Birthday In September Is ***Critical*** Please Place A Watch On My Freedom And My Life (8-21-2012)

The Mafia is going to use every trick in the book to pressure all of my Friends to Abandon Me Soon…


They are going to use every trick on the book to silence me permanently before my Birthday on September 17th.

I know the above for a Fact.

Perhaps tomorrow or the next day I will find enough Internet Time to say Why (that I know the above things for a Fact).


If I go down, Please Do Not Let My Martyrdom Go To Waste.

Thankfully God is in the Picture…

With God On My Side Despite The Power of My Enemies… I feel that “I Still Have a Chance” of Remaining Alive for another month.

If I don’t last until my Birthday… Please Realize that for the Past Fifteen Years or So I did my Best At All Times to Fight the Hoax of Pharmaceutical Medicine… and…

I Accept “My Martyrdom Destiny” Without Any Whining or Complaint.


Allen Darman

Thank God My Native American Friend Tyrone Showed Up Alive and Well on Monday (8-20-2012)

My Cause for Alarm on Monday in regard to Tyrone “Being Missing in a Bad Way” was unjustified.

He Simply Changed Our Meeting Plans… as he knew we would connect later at some point.

I spent about four hours Monday “canning for returnables” yesterday… and everything went OK… “Almost”.

The “Almost” in the above paragraph refers to an Odd Incident involving a White Van with two ladders on it.

This van pulled away from the curve just after we passed it…

And then it drove by us Twice in the Alley with a few minutes we were in while we were “mining dumpsters for nickel returnable bottles and cans”.

The Above Sure Appeared Like Some Sort of Surveillance to me.

Other than the Above Odd Incident regarding this White Van with Ladders on Top… Yesterday Tyrone and I found about 150 cans and bottles… and we had a very nice day.

Despite everything Going Well yesterday… I am Certain that both of My Native American Friends are going to “get leaned on” (pressured) by the Mafia to “back away from any support of me”… if this has not happened already.

The Mafia has “two tough nuts to crack” with these Two Native Americans… in regard to their selling me out in some way.

Incidentally, I did get the story from Tyrone in regard to “that Hit and Run Accident” involving Chief and himself the other day.  They were both on foot, and a car WITH THE LIGHTS OFF CAME UP BEHIND THEM AND HIT THEM BOTH.  This had to be a Mafia Attack on my Native American Friends in order to scare them off… I am almost Certain of this.  (Chief is temporarily out of the picture at the moment… He is holed up somewhere Safe while Healing from the car that hit him.  He was hit much harder than Tyrone.)


I am going to Place My Trust in God… and Continue to Trust My Two Native American Friends Chief and Tyrone.

Allen Darman


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The First Native American Friend I made in Council Bluffs was a man named Chief.

Chief”s closest Native American Friend is a man named Tyrone.

Chief and Tyrone were the two men that were both hit by a car in a hit and run accident while riding their bicycles a few days ago.

This hit and run accident “was no accident”… I am almost certain of this.

I hung out with Tyrone for over five hours today.

Then We agreed to split up to do “two different tasks at once”… and meet at a specific place about an hour later.

Tyrone was “a no show”.  And he is still “a no show” six hours later.

I am not going to go into more details… but I am EXTREMELY CONCERNED ABOUT THIS MAN’S WELFARE AT THE MOMENT.




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Two Of My Native American Friends On Bicycles Were Hit By A Car Last Night (8-18-2012)

One of them… Chief… got a number of stitches on the back of his head, and has a very sore jaw.

The other is sore all over, just as Chief is.

This was a hit and run accident.

Or was it an accident at all?

The Mafia has gone to great lengths in the past month to intimidate and scare off MANY of my Friends at ALL THREE HOMELESS SHELTERS THAT I HAVE STAYED AT THIS MONTH.

Perhaps now the Mafia has decided that “those Key Friends that they cannot intimidate… need to be liquidated… or “hurt bad”… such that “they are hitting my key bicycle Friends with a car”. (I strongly suspect that this is what happened here.  Another key bicycle Friend of mine had all four tires on his two bikes at Mohm’s Place flattened the other day… such that he cannot “ride with me” due to both of his bikes being out of order as “he is too poor to buy new tires”.  The Mob Absolutely Does Not Want Me To Have Homeless Truth Soldier Bicycle Friends… I am Certain of This.) 

Incidentally, the Mafia also >>>STRONGLY APPEARS<<< to have intimidated (and pressured) many Staff Members at all three homeless shelters that I have stayed at this month (August 2012) as well.


Thank God both Chief and his friend T….. (and my friend too) are both Alive and OK… at least for the moment.

I pray that some Good People in this world will step up to the plate VERY SOON and give me and my friends the means to (1) buy a Reliable late model Pickup Truck that will be used to pull (2) a good used Travel Trailer, (3) buy a few backup vehicles to follow us, (4) buy a dozen used High Quality Bicycles or so,  and (5) buy whatever else it takes to get My Friends and I out of these Dangerous Homeless Shelters… such that (6) twelve to fifteen of us Brave Truth Soldiers “can hit the road together” as “a Truth Soldier Team”… and (7) Soon Prove what I know about Nutritional Healing to the World.

There is “Safety In Numbers”… If I do not surround myself with a Solid Team Soon… it sure looks like “I will be Dead”.

All I need to finish the Job God Gave Me… is to Stay Alive for Another Four Months or so…  and to raise ASAP the 35K to 50K needed in order to Safely Get the Job Done (as per the plan above). 


Allen Darman

The Mafia Has Tried To Repeatedly Kill Me From August 3rd Onward (8-18-2012)

I have been bouncing from one homeless shelter to another in the Council Bluffs IA/Omaha NE area for the month of August to date.

One Homeless Shelter I have been going in and out of is in Council Bluffs Iowa. 

It is Called Mohm’s Place, and is located at 1435 North 15th Street, Council Bluffs, IA 51501. 

Mohm’s Place is the current homeless shelter that I am staying at now.


Mohm’s is still “the Safest Shelter for me”… Despite the Above Statement.

Two Other Homeless Shelters that I have stayed at this month are across the Missouri River.

One is called the Open Door Mission (www.opendoormission.org) in Carter Lake (which is a northern suburban area of Omaha Nebraska).

The other shelter I have stayed at this month is the “Men’s Wet Shelter” portion of the Siena Francis House in Omaha NE. 

In ALL OF THE ABOVE THREE SHELTERS… the Mafia “set up to take me out”… AND THEN TRIED TO DO SO. (I am 100% certain of this.)

It’s a Miracle that I Am Still Alive.

Allen Darman


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One Powerful Force For Good That Has Been Helping Me In August is God… Of Course.

The Other Powerful Force For Good Is Some Party With The Means To Use “Listening Devices”, Visual Surveillance, Wise Planning, and Some Protective Help… or so it seems.

I do not know who is funding this Second Powerful Force For Good.  Nor have I had any direct contact with this Force.

Despite the lack of direct contact, I have been *Sure For Over Ten Days* that “Somebody with Power besides God is Helping me”… I just don’t know who this party is.


I Pray To God that those Human Beings that are helping me “behind the scenes” will result in my remaining Alive for another handful of months. (If I do die before Christmas for ANY REASON, it was “my Sicilian adversaries” that “got to me”. I am 99.9% certain of this.)

With the help…

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